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Apr 8 '09

Roy's Post Game Speech to the players

This has been all over the web and you may have read it already, but if not, I wanted to share it here too. Directly following the game, here's what Roy said to his guys in the locker room:

Let me tell you something. I said this in 2005. If I never get to say again, I know I am saying it in 2009. North Carolina basketball is Dean Smith, Phil Ford, Michael Jordan, Sean May, Raymond and for the rest of your lives North Carolina basketball is going to be you guys. It’s going to be the 2009 North Carolina basketball team. National Champions. And when those guys, when Raymond and Sean and those guys come back and start saying stuff…they can’t say anything now. They can’t say anything. You’ve got the ring and you’ve got the banner. And 50 years from now, I won’t be there. 50 years from now when they have another reunion in two thousand fify nine. Just remember that nobody, that night when you go out on the court when you’re 72, 73, 74 years old. Go out and remember one thing: No coach has felt more priveleged. No coach has never felt more proud of a team that handled things like you did. The adversity, the injuries, the other people’s expectations. I honestly feel like I am the luckiest coach that ever lived. Not just because of this net, that’s a big part of it but each day…..I love you….and now they are going to always say, that 2009 bunch could play their butts off….how about them Tar Heels!

It's not neccesary to tell you that the TT'ers are huge crazy the biggest insane big UNC fans. We're trying to keep from posting too much about them, don't wanna swamp you guys - but it's tough not to be excited about what they've accomplished.

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