Pre-lim: 2012 Football Helmet Schedule Mashup

It’s that time of year again…. well, almost that time of year.

With under 100 days until the college football season starts, it’s time for us to dust off the Triple Tri Helmet Schedule Mashup and get the 2012 version ready to go. (Don’t know what we’re talking about? — head over here)

First order of business: Last year’s mashup included 12 teams. We have to decide if we’re keeping the same teams or changing. Here’s the list from last year:

Appalachian St
Boise State
Florida State
Notre Dame
Ohio State

So the options exist to eliminate any team or swap a team out. We can’t move to more than 12 teams due to size/media restrictions but any other combination will work.

Leave your thoughts in the comments as to the list of teams. We’ll wait about a week until we vote about changing teams, or if everyone has agreed to keep this list, I’ll start assembling the schedule next week.

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